I am a freelance art director and graphics and motion designer, living in Los Angeles, California. I have a gift for keen insight, and exceptional taste and ability for design. I've won awards. I'm a winner.

I began my career in advertising at Ogilvy & Mather in Los Angeles, creating print and television advertising for hi-tech and telecommunications brands that included Microsoft, IBM, GTE Wireless and PacBell Mobile ServicesMy career spans over twenty years and my experience has grown to include banking and financial services, healthcare, travel, hospitality, automotive, sporting goods, entertainment and publishing brands.  I know a little about a lot of subjects. I kill at cocktail parties.

In 2001, I left the security of a full-time senior staff position for the exciting and unpredictable life of freelancing. That road eventually led me back to my roots as a graphic designer and my love for shooting photographs. My client roster –an inspiring group of collaborators–  includes non-profit agencies, musicians, artists, film studios, and local businesses.

In addition to my freelance work, I am in the process of building a photography portfolio. I am both thrilled and a bit intimidated by this new, albeit inevitable, creative chapter in my career — ever onward!

As always, I continue to pursue freelance opportunities and seek connections that grow my client roster.